Re: Review of SD document (ACTION-318)

On Sep 28, 2010, at 9:28 AM, Alexandre Passant wrote:

>>> "An instance of sd:Language represents a subset of the SPARQL language" => I'd suggest "An instance of sd:Language represents one of the SPARQL languages"
>> I think the wording here came from a HCLS use case from ericP where we wanted a way to be able to describe not just the Query/Update distinction, but specific configurations of SPARQL w.r.t. optional features and/or extensions. I'm not sure of a better way to word this without actual examples of such configurations. Any thoughts?
> Ok, I See.
> Maybe "one of the SPARQL language, including specific configuration providing particular features or extension" ?

Yes, I like that better than what's there. Updated.

>>> Descriptions of domain / ranges (such as "sd:defaultEntailmentRegime is an rdfs:subPropertyOf sd:feature. The rdfs:domain of sd:defaultEntailmentRegime is sd:Service. The rdfs:range of sd:defaultEntailmentRegime is sd:EntailmentRegime.") may be more readable using bullet points / several lines
>> This has been brought up several times. I formatted it this way just for consistency with the syntax of the RDFS document. Is there existing list-formatting in other specs that you'd prefer, or do you think I should just try to hack up some html myself?
> Right, sorry, I realised I brought that up at the previous review.
> I'm more used to specs like FOAF (w/ domain / ranges on several lines, as in ) but I'm OK with the current one if no one else objects, as that's just a matter of taste.

Well, I'd just as soon update it to avoid more people raising the same issue later on. I'll look into some better formatting for this information.


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