Re: Tuesday's agenda

Greg's message [1] had comments on federated query (separated out into 
[2]).  I'm not what is the most appropriate way to proceed on the 
non-editorial comments, e.g. the comment on informal style.

[[These do not need to be done this week as they are
not roadblock on publication as far as I'm aware but should not be 

Parametrization vs join semantics for BINDINGs. [3], [4].

isNumeric proposal[5].


[1] federated query comments


[5] isNumeric

On 26/09/10 01:37, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Thanks for all the great reviews.
> On Tuesday, we'll check in with all of the reviewers and editors to see
> if we're ready to decide on publication, either with or without pending
> changes.
> So if you're a reviewer, please come prepared to state whether or not
> you think the document is ready for publication as a not-yet-last-call
> Working Draft. If you're an editor, please let me know if the reviews
> have brought up any specific issues that need WG time, as it's very easy
> for me to miss those when looking over the reviews.
> thanks!
> Lee

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