Review of Entailment Regimes (Action-317)


The document is in a good shape and I have the following comments.


SPARQL 1.1 Entailment Regimes

W3C Working Draft ?? May 2010

** Set up the date

1.1.1 Graph Syntax


2.1 Blank Nodes in the Queried Graph (Informative)

infinie answers

2.2 Answers from Axiomatic Triples (Informative)

Although μ3(?x)=rdf:subject does not occur in SG, it occurs in rdf-Minus

** should be: in rdfV-Minus

Since μ5(?x)=rdf:_2 occurs neither in SG nor in rdf-Minus

** should be: in rdfV-Minus

2.4 Boolean Queries (Informative)

The two conditions C1 and C2 also have an effect on the answers to 
Boolean queries. For Boolean queries that contain variables, e.g.,

ASK { ?x a rdf:Property }

The query answer is yes (true) if there is at least one solution mapping 
(i.e., a solution that satisfies also conditions C1 and C2) and it is no 
(false) otherwise. For example, if the queried graph is the empty graph, 
the query has no solution since even if a pattern instance mapping 
yields an axiomatic triple, condition C2 cannot be satisfied.

** The query pattern has for solution triples from rdfV-Minus and hence 
the answer is true.

Editorial note

If the modified condition would only apply to variables hat

** that

3.1.1 Effects of Unchecked Inconsistencies


6.2 The OWL 2 Direct Semantics Entailment Regime

An implementation of the OWL 2 Direct Semantics entailment regime may 
restrict the use of literal variables and may only literal bindings from 
a set of easy to compute bindings.

** verb is missing in: may only literal bindings from

6.3.2 Restriction on Data Property Assertions


7 RIF Core Entailment

It also maintained a correspondence

** maintains

In addition and as described in [OWL2-RL-RIF] ,

** [OWL2-RL-RIF],

8 Entailment Regimes and Data Sets (Informative)

The named graphs contain the following data:

ex:p rdfs:domain ex:A .

ex:x ex:p ex:y .

If we ask the following query under RDFS entailment

SELECT ?g WHERE { GRAPH ?g { ex:x a ?type } }

the answer sequence is empty

** I think that, in active graph, RDFS 
entailment produces ex:x rdf:type rdfs:Resource, by rule rdfs4a from and so the answer is not empty

C.1 Parsing BGPs into Objects of the Extended OWL 2 Structural Specification

DPE(x) = DPE(x) UNION { (x, x) | x in V(BGP) and 
type(x)=DatatypeProperty },

** owl:DatatypeProperty

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