Comments on SPARQL 1.1 Update (3)


If an operation tries to insert into a graph that does not exist, then 
that graph *must* be created.

Surely this is wrong? For stores that distinguish empty graphs from 
non-existent graphs, we have CREATE GRAPH.  Automatic creation is at 
odds with that setup.

Deleting triples that are not present, or from a graph that is not 
present will have no effect and will result in success.

seems inconsistent - why can't an error be generated for this case when 
stores do different graph existence from emptiness?

4.1.4 DELETE

The DELETE operation is similar to the DELETE/INSERT
   operation without an INSERT section.

s/is similar/equivalent/ ?

4.1.5 INSERT

The INSERT operation is equivalent to the DELETE/INSERT
   operation without a specified DELETE section.

It's not equivalent as specified.  The WHERE clause has been made 
optional and it isn't for DELETE/INSERT or DELETE.

I think the WHERE clause should be mandatory for consistency and because 
we have INSERT DATA for inserting data (the only use of INSERT without 

A plain INSERT is hard to parse efficiently - this is why INSERT DATA 
was added into the pre-submission SPARQL Update.  The system can't know 
that it is encountering an all data INSERT, with no WHERE clause, during 
parsing.  Adding data this way may be important.

Inserted data can be very large - knowing it's INSERT DATA allows the 
system to handle it specifically, e.g. stream the data somehow, which is 
very difficult if it's plain INSERT because it's not known to be all 
data until after the end of parsing the operation.

4.1.5 INSERT

This example copies records from one named graph to another named graph 
based on a pattern.

"copies records" -> "copies data about specific books"

"2000-01-01T00:00:00-2:00" -> "2000-01-01T00:00:00-02:00"

(add a zero to -2:00 => -02:00)

timezone offset must be HH:MM

XML Schema part 2: Timezones
The lexical representation of a timezone is a string of the form: (('+' 
| '-') hh ':' mm) | 'Z', where


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