Comments on SPARQL 1.1. Update (2)


Following the optional WITH clause are the INSERT
   and DELETE directives.
The GRAPH <uri> clause ... the directive applies to the graph specified 
by the WITH clause ...

What's the difference between a clause and a directive?  What is a 
directive? (in N3, @prefix and @base are directives).

To illustrate the use of the WITH clause, an operation of the general form:

WITH <g1> INSERT { x y z } DELETE { a b c } WHERE { ... }

Is considered equivalent to:

INSERT { GRAPH <g1> { x y z } } DELETE { GRAPH <g1> { a b c } } USING 
<g1> WHERE { ... }

Note that WITH will be ignored for any section that stipulates a GRAPH 
or for the entire WHERE clause if a USING is present.

The last sentence isn't right:

INSERT { <a> <b> <c> GRAPH <g1> { x y z } }

stipulates a GRAPH, it just isn't the whole pattern.  WITH applies to 
the <a> <b> <c> part.


Received on Tuesday, 31 August 2010 12:27:02 UTC