SPARQL TC 2010-08-03 Agenda

Hi all,

we will continue tomorrow  where we stopped last week, so the Agenda for tomorrow will be essentially the same as last week [1].
That is, we will try to finish up on:
      finish review of open ACTIONs and ISSUEs, see mailing list 

After finishing going through the open ISSUEs, we will try to get to the two points noted for 
"Probably for the next TC:", namely:

      test cases vocabulary for graphstore/datasets (qt:data qt:graphdata) don't seem to work, see mail Andy, mail Birte
      RIF review of sparql11-entailment

We should also add somewhere (maybe to be covered within ADMIN issues):

       report back from the Update call last Friday.

Hope to have time to put this up on wiki, otherwise, please check [1] for relevant links and call-in details.

Hear you tomorrow,


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