Re: What we mean by "graph" / Named Graphs in SD

See comments below.

On 7/20/10 2:22 PM, "Sandro Hawke" <> wrote:
> I wonder if there's a way out of this mess....    I guess we can at
> least clarify it in the SD document, with some warnings.   Anyone
> interesting in us getting away from the misleading term "NamedGraph"?

Actually, I am as well.  I'm not sure if my reservations are the same as
yours, but if we have the following pair in a dataset:

(uri_1, rdfGraph1)

and SPARQL 1.0 is clear that uri_1 does not *directly* identify / denote
rdfGraph1 but some resource that is serialized by an RDF document which -
when parsed - results in rdfGraph1, then it is a mistake to say that
rdfGraph1 is a 'named graph' since uri_1 doesn't denote it, in the same way
that my name 'Chimezie' denotes me.  It probably is the case that calling it
a named graph is most of the cause of the subsequent efforts that have gone
into being very explicit about the fact that the graph URI does not denote
the graph.

> It may seem like it's entrenched in SPARQL 1.0, but this is just
> editorial, as long as it keeps the GRAPH and FROM NAMED keywords, which
> actually seem fine to me.   (I expect we'll have a new RDF Core WG
> working on this issue in a few months; that's when this will really get
> entrenched.  I expect to strongly oppose this misleading use of the term
> "named graph" during that work, if necessary.)

Just my $0.02 but I think that ship has sailed and contemporary RDF
specifications just need to be very clear about the graph uri / graph
indirection in order to directly address the ambiguity that we have
> I wonder if we could agree on a standard name for sense 1, and try to
> use it.   (Or maybe we already did, and I missed it.)

I think the terms 'graph store' and 'dataset' are meant to capture this
sense 1.

-- Chimezie


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