Re: last actions before F2F @all

> ACTION-197  - Paul (ta ask help from Andy?)
>   At least a rough roadmap on how we proceed for update test cases would be nice.

(3:13:59 PM) pgearon: AndyS: I've just been concerned about defining the 
data to be updated. Though it may be fine to use the current method of 
defining data, and make all modifications on the default graph. I 
believe that this involves an implicit LOAD

(3:14:31 PM) pgearon: is that what you were thinking of?

(3:16:04 PM) AndyS: pgearon - can define the initial graph store like 
did for query?

(3:17:21 PM) pgearon: I suppose that's how QUERY worked isn't it? I 
should have thought of it that way. Instead, I used default-graph-uri= 
in all my tests to point to the data for each specific test

(3:18:01 PM) pgearon: that was easier than doing a LOAD, then the query, 
then a DROP. But for Update tests that sequence will be required

(3:18:47 PM) pgearon: but since QUERY was defined that way, then I 
suppose it works for UPDATE too. OK, I'm good with that

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