[TF ENT] RIF teleconf

Hi all,
it's Thursday evening my time, so I'll just go ahead and fix the time
of the teleconf for discussing RIF. Next week seemed to be pretty good
in general, so I picked the day after our normal SPARQL teleconf. I
hope everybody adjusted the timezone of the doodle poll to their local
time, but 6pm UK time seemed to suit everyone that is 3 hours and a
day later our normal SPARQL teleconf in relative time. I'll invite
Zakim to the channel sparql-ent and I hope Ivan or Sandro can convince
Zakim to let us do an ad-hoc conference. Dial-in should be as normal,
but the code will be given by Zakim once Zakim has created the ad-hoc
conference. I'll set up an agenda until Monday and if you have any
suggestion, let me know until then.
See you then,

• Date of Call: Wednesday Feb 24, 2010
• Time of Call: 18:00 UK, 13:00 (US Eastern), 19:00 Rest of Europe
  That is 1 day and 3 hours later than our normal SPARQL call
• IRC Channel: irc.w3.org port 6665 channel *******#sparql-ent******
• Duration: 60 minutes

Dr. Birte Glimm, Room 306
Computing Laboratory
Parks Road
United Kingdom
+44 (0)1865 283529

Received on Thursday, 18 February 2010 17:51:11 UTC