Re: SPARQL TC today cancelled.

On 04/02/2010 9:39 PM, Gregory Williams wrote:
> 3. Support for property functions
> This was brought up by Leigh Dodds on the comments list (the most recent reply is at [2]), and it needs to be addressed. Leigh had asked for a way to describe the supported property functions of an endpoint in a similar way to how we already describe supported scalar/aggregate functions and entailment regimes. My expressed position was that these latter fell within the framework of SPARQL and existing specs while the former didn't. Leigh questioned my reasoning by claiming that property functions are "sanctioned by the spec" while the "union default graph" feature annotation (which we've already decided to support) isn't sanctioned by the spec. Given his response I'd like to hear from others in the WG on this issue.

A property function shouldn't really be any different from any other 
piece of vocabulary supported.  But the pragmatically, people don't 
quite think of them in the same way as properties and sometimes for 
evaluation reasons it does matter.  With update coming along, they are 
different in that you typically can't assert them.


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