Prioritised list of open issues (query, my bits)

Prioritised list of open issues
Which aggregates to include
Dealing with aggregates over mixed datatypes
Extensibility of aggregate functions
  - Seems consensus on URI, less on whether DISTINCT should be allowed

Issues where I think there is already consensus.
Subquery syntax (e.g. mandatory curly braces)
- I've not heard anyone speaking against braces recently.
What is the variable scope between main queries and subqueries?
- Only projected variables have scope outside a subquery.
Presence and syntactic detail of HAVING clause
- Seems consensus on the post-aggregate FILTER being called.
Can aggregate functions take DISTINCT as an argument a la SELECT  
- Seems consensus on yes.
What happens when expressions are projected with the same name as an  
existing variable?
- Seems consensus on it being an error.

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