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On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 9:22 AM, Olivier Corby
<> wrote:
> A question and a typo about the update document.
> "The GRAPH <uri> clause in a graph_template names the graph in the graph
> store to be
> updated; if omitted, the directive applies to the graph specified by the
> WITH clause, or the unnamed graph if no WITH clause is present."
> Question:
> In a graph_template, what about GRAPH ?g if ?g is not bound, does the WITH
> clause applies to GRAPH ?g  ?

I presume that it applies to all graphs. I suppose it looks like FROM
or FROM NAMED, but I've been thinking of it as specifying a fallback
value when none is supplied.

> 4.1.7 CLEAR
> typo:
> If the GRAPH is not specified then this will clear the default *graph.i*

Oops. My editor choice is showing.  :-)  (Fixed)


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