Update changes

I've updated the Update document with the following:

- Added a Terminology section.
- Removed the "Property Paths" section now that issue 38 has been resolved.
- Included reference to RFC 2119 terminology and added emphasized
SHOULD and OPTIONAL comments.
- Added note on discussion of blank nodes in DELETE templates.
- Added note on discussion of INSERTs creating new graphs.
- Added note on ambiguity around DELETE/INSERT and DELETE statements.
- Added note on need to mention partially completed LOAD operations.
- Added OPTIONAL description for graph management operations (for the
sake of stores that don't support named graphs).

The working copy is at:

I think this is everything I needed for the moment. A lot of the
things I have to do have been spread through various email threads,
meeting minutes, and verbal conversations, so it's possible I've
missed something. Please let me know.

Paul Gearon

Received on Friday, 15 January 2010 21:17:35 UTC