brief review on protocol


this is a short review only for protocol (didn't find time to have a closer look, but I hope it's better than nothing).

From my side, there is no objections to publish the wsdl and xsd files  "as is".

However, the protocol spec file has some open questions that should be easily fixed:

1) there are still links to the old protocol-types.xsd, these should be fixed

2) the 
    MalformedQuery and QueryRequestRefused fault messages seem to have disappeared in section 2.1.3, they should 
  remain as in the previous version.

3) the 
   GraphDoesNotExist and GraphAlreadyExists
   errors were questioned in the last TC, i.e. 
    HTTP error codes? 
    under which circumstances these should arise? cf. also ISSUE-20
 It was suggested to add a more generic semantic error (instead?) ... this should at least be marked with an Editor's note.

Change summary:

Compared with FPWD and the original spec, a new WSDL file ( and XSD types declarations file ( have been added with the new update operation and faults.

Received on Saturday, 9 January 2010 01:15:34 UTC