Re: [TF-ENT] Review of the Entailment regime document, 2009-12

>> That's used in the Primer as far as I can tell. The structural spec
>> and the direct semantics uses FSS throughout.
> Actually... that is not true! The FSS has the buttons at the start to
> choose between FSS or Turtle (yes, FSS is the default). That was an
> important point: FSS is the definition of OWL as a whole, not only for
> DL/Direct Semantics and it was important to get all the examples in
> Turtle, too, so that RDF users could use that document, too...

Wow, I now searched for the buttons in the Structural spec, which I
use a lot and they are there! I never noticed them before and I am
surprised that I always overlooked them. Probably because I mostly
look for something specific and never read the document top to bottom.
Either I look at the grammar or jump straight from the TOC to some
section :-)

I agree that its best to leave this entailment regimes version as it
is, but I'll keep it on my list as a nice thing for the next WD.


Received on Thursday, 7 January 2010 20:03:02 UTC