Agenda SPARQL TC 2009-01-05

Dear all,

first of all, Happy 2010 and looking fwd to welcome you to our first TC this year!
On Tuesday, we obviously want to check the status of the reviews and go through them as far 
as there are any critical comments. We should also check the schedule in case there are reviews 
missing still, since we want to make a decision to publish (based on reviews & subsequent 
updates made by editors) in two weeks at the latest.

In case we still have time left with all that on Tuesday (given the speed we rushed through all
docs in the last TC before christmas, you never know), I'd like to have a look over the 
update ISSUEs mentioned in Paul's and Andy's mails [1,2].


The agenda can be found as usual at:
Will try to complete links to the reviews sent so far before the TC...

Call in details

When joining please don't identify yourself verbally; instead, identify yourself to Zakim on IRC

	 Date of Call: Tuesday January 05, 2010
	 Time of Call: 15:00 UK, 10:00 (East US)
	 Dial-In #: +1.617.761.6200 (Cambridge, MA)
	 Dial-In #: + (Nice, France)
	 Dial-In #: +44.117.370.6152 (Bristol, UK)
	 Participant Access Code: 77277# (SPARQ)
	 IRC Channel: port 6665 channel #sparql ([])
	 Web-based IRC (member-only): (Firefox IRC addon: chatzilla)
	 Duration: 60 minutes
	 Chair: Axel Polleres
	 Scribe: Olivier Corby (Scribe List)
	 Link to Agenda:

[edit] Agenda

		 PROPOSED: Approve minutes at
		 Next meeting: 2010-01-12 @ 15:00 UK / 10:00 EST (scribe: Alex Passant)
	 Comment handling - see
	 Liaisons - Anything to report?
		 RIF WG (Axel)
		 RDB2RDF WG (Orri)
		 eGov (SteveH)
	 Document Reviews and schedule for publication:
	 Time allowed: Update ISSUEs, Can we close some? see Paul's and Andy's mails.
[edit] Regrets

	 Lee Feigenbaum

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