Re: SD vocab updates: dataset descriptions

On Nov 23, 2009, at 7:24 AM, Ivan Herman wrote:

> Heh:-) I was asking myself exactly the same question:-) That is why I
> asked Greg to give an example...
> I guess
> sd:Service sd:defaultDataset [ ... ] .
> (which is the current example) can also say
> sd:Service sd:defaultDataset <URI> .
> but I realized that does not necessarily sound right. <URI> is clearly
> not the URI of the dataset itself, but a description thereof. So the
> term's name is not really fine...
> Again, I think an example would clarify Greg's thoughts...

With the new changes, the example would be:

[] a sd:Service ;
    sd:defaultDatasetDescription <URI> .

If the service description document contains more information (the actual dataset description) about <URI>, then you're done. If it doesn't and you want more details, you can try dereferencing <URI> to get the description.

Does that clear things up?


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