Re: DISTINCT with aggregates

On 13 Nov 2009, at 14:21, Lee Feigenbaum wrote:
> I guess this is sort of related to the question of a whether we want  
> a keyword to introduce custom aggregate functions: how important is  
> it to minimize the number of invalid queries that are syntactically  
> valid?
> I believe in SPARQL 1.0 the only such query involves bnode labels  
> spanning BGPs?

No, there are a few others, for example using qnames without a  
matching PREFIX, FILTERing on variables that aren't mentioned and so on.

There's also things like projecting * when there's no variables, or  
projecting unmentioned variables. I'm not sure if they're technically  
errors, but it still pays to look out for them to issue a warning or  

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