Re: putting entailment into SPARQL

On 13 Dec 2005, at 23:27, Pat Hayes wrote:

> Pattern Solution.
> A variable substitution is a substitution function on a subset of V  
> to RDF-T. A pattern solution on the pattern V to the dataset G is a  
> variable substitution whose domain includes all the variables in V,  
> whose range is a subset of the set of RDF terms occurring in G, and  
> which matches the dataset DS.

Pat, by restricting the domain in this way you rule out RDF(S)  
entailment, since there are terms which should be in any RDF(S)  
graph, even if not explicitly mentioned (e.g. rdf:type or rdf:Property).

My understanding is that this restriction should be enforced for  
bnodes only.


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