Re: "2"^^xsd:integer = "II"^^roman:numeral (useMentionOp, valueTesting)

Interesting proposal; persuing it seems to involve
re-opening useMentionOp, which is perhaps a good thing.

On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 09:50 -0500, Eric Prud'hommeaux wrote:
> We seem to be stopped on the issue that
>   "2"^^xsd:integer != "II"^^roman:numeral
> will test true in a SPARQL implementation and false in an extended
> SPARQL implementation. This comes from the overloaded = operator:
>   numeric = numeric
>   RDF term = RDF term
> If the right side of the test is not recognized to be a numeric, the
> test is whether they are the same RDF term (clearly not). Adding
> roman:numeral support allows the right side to be numeric, and the
> value is the same left side.
> PROPOSE: change
>   RDF term = RDF term
> to
>   sameTermAs(RDF term, RDF term)
> strike
>   RDF term != RDF term
> and strike
> [[
> When selecting the operator definition for a given set of parameters,
> the definition with the most specific parameters applies. For
> instance, when evaluating xsd:integer = xsd:signedInt, the definition
> for = with two numeric parameters applies, rather than the one with
> two RDF terms. The table is arranged so that upper-most viable
> candiate is the most specific.
> ]]
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