Decimal/Double update

Decimal/Double update:
  <EliasT> ACTION AndyS: to change spec to reflect decimal.
which is continguent on coordination with Turtle and N3.  In order to get a 
reply to the XML Query and the XSL WGs, I have made the updates.  I put some 
red in section3.

Done: changes in 2.1.2 and sec 3 and A.7 yacker updated yet.

I included +/- for numeric literals in the graph pattern.

In testing I found one test that is affected (it has a base 1.0 in the query).
   It's probably a good idea to fix the data to be independent of whether
N3/Turtle interprets bare 1.0 as double of decimal and to include data with an
exponent.  There is a knock-on effect on results bif a test harness does
testing by comparing lexical forms and datatype.

Queries affected:
and it's related:

Results for several tests

I suggest changing the queries, data and the results. IIRC these tests were
approved when we voted on valueTesting so I have not changed anything in the
test suite, just worked on my own copy of it.

(and I found one test is a duplicate of another with the comment changed :-)


Received on Thursday, 17 November 2005 16:57:41 UTC