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> [[
> The grammar in appendix A defines the syntax of SPARQL Queries.

SPARQL Query strings, no?

(broken link to "grammar", btw")

>  Apart
> from extension functions, the semantics of all SPARQL Queries are
> defined within this document. A query is successful if it has been
> processed in accordance with the semantics defined in this
> specification and the semantics specified for any invoked extension
> functions.

I don't see why introduce a notion of "successful"; it's clearly
not a property of queries. The same query might be "successful"
in one case and not in another.

I think this should do:

  B. Conformance

  See appendix A grammar regarding conformance of _SPARQL
  Query strings_, and section 10 Query Result Forms for
  conformance of query results. See appendix E. Internet Media Type
  for conformance to the application/sparql-query media type.

  This specification is intended for use in conjuction with
  the SPARQL Protocol[SPROT] and the
  SPARQL Query Results XML Format[RESULTS]. See those specifications
  for their conformance criteria.

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