handling SPARQL QL comments

Andy, Eric,

I have been trying to figure out some way to get you guys out of the
critical path for these comments, but I'm not winning.

In particular, before we do an updated WD for SPARQL QL, I need to know
what changes you think should be made in response to the comments listed
below. These are comments that (a) are relevant to QL, and (b) I don't
see how to handle them without having you look at them closely.

Open Threads

     1. General Document Comments 
              * 2005-08-17T13:55:31Z from RRLevering
              * 2005-08-29T14:00:46Z from connolly
     2. Comments on SPARQL: Querying the Dataset 
              * 2005-08-30T19:01:08Z from jagannathan.srinivasan
              * 2005-10-28T22:46:58Z from connolly
     3. Comments on SPARQL: Semantics of queries involving named graphs 
              * 2005-09-01T01:47:14Z from jagannathan.srinivasan
     4. Comments on last-call SPARQL draft 20050721, section 2 
              * 2005-09-01T11:27:51Z from GK
              * 2005-09-01T12:33:53Z from connolly
              * 2005-09-12T11:15:34Z from andy.seaborne
              * 2005-09-12T13:13:55Z from bparsia
              * 2005-09-12T14:48:45Z from GK
              * 2005-09-12T14:52:40Z from GK
              * 2005-09-12T16:07:05Z from r.newman
              * 2005-09-13T08:10:11Z from GK
     5. Comments on last-call SPARQL draft 20050721, sections 3 onwards 
              * 2005-09-10T12:56:31Z from GK
     6. Comments on SPARQL from the XML Query and the XSL WGs 
              * 2005-09-13T15:28:04Z from ashok.malhotra
              * 2005-09-13T16:14:47Z from connolly
              * 2005-10-14T16:21:41Z from connolly
              * 2005-10-26T07:06:45Z from Faisal.Alkhateeb
     8. Namespaces 
              * 2005-10-26T22:08:10Z from r.newman
     9. SPARQL Query Language 
              * 2005-10-28T11:45:37Z from herman.ter.horst
              * 2005-10-28T22:51:48Z from connolly
    10. SPARQL Comments (Personal) 
              * 2005-11-05T12:27:19Z from dwood

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