Small errors in SPARQL Protocol examples

Howdy -

Looking at:

Specifically at 2.3.1 SOAP Example:

In the reques, the outer "query" element should be "query-request". The 
inner "query"
element right now has xmlns="" attached to it, which should be removed.

The Content-Length should then change appropriately =)

Also, in the sample responses in and, a couple of random 
characters seem to have wandered in on the sparql results format XML 
prefix declarations:

<sparql xmlns="">

I was also wondering if anyone else found it worthwhile to expand the SOAP 
bindings example
to include at least one default graph and one named graph? I don't mind 
only having a single
SOAP example, but it'd probably be best, in my opinion, if it illustrated 
all of the elements that
can comprise a query request.


Received on Monday, 24 October 2005 21:26:38 UTC