review comment for SARQL (5 nested patterns)

Regrests for today. I'm now at the place where I canít use phones.

I have been reviewing Live Draft of SPARQL Query Language for RDF.

For the moment, I have one comment.

In section 5 (Nested Patterns), at the second example of nested patterns,
it is better to add the following data to present example data.
_:b vcard:N _:z .
_:z vcard:Family "Hacker" .
Present query result will not be changed, but this example can show that
vcard data only having vcard:Family canít match the present query.

I think, even if using the following query, I can get present query result.
PREFIX foaf: <>
PREFIX vcard: <>
SELECT ?foafName ?gname ?fname
WHERE ( ?x foaf:name ?foafName )
       [ ( ?x foaf:mbox ?mbox ) ]
         [ ( ?x vcard:N ?vc )  [( ?vc vcard:Given ?gname )]
         [ ( ?vc vcard:Family ?fname ) ]

Hiroyuki Sato  <>

Received on Tuesday, 14 December 2004 14:41:48 UTC