SPARQL Query WD 20041012 examples

I needed more test cases to drive throw at the sparql support in my
application, so I took all the examples from sections 1-3 of
and made them into a pile of tests with a manifest.

There are only 4 actual tests since some of the data files etc.are introductory
and have no data/query/result set.  The files are named
ex<section><letter> for examples in some section, letter starting at 'a'.
and suffix .rq for query, .n3 for data and -result.n3 for result.

This did result in finding a bug/typo in the WD.  In the query
in section 2.4, foaf:box should be foaf:mbox.

I attach the files i ended up with.


Received on Tuesday, 19 October 2004 13:50:58 UTC