meeting record 2004-08-24

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Minutes of RDF DAWG telecon 2004-08-17 for review

RDF Data Access WG telcon
2004-08-24 14:30 UTC

IRC log

1. Convene, take roll, review record, agenda

Attendees: DaveB, Farrukh_Najmi, JanneS, HowardK, kendall, RobS, AndyS, ChrisRYvette_Hoitink, DanC, Enrico, EricP, SimonR, TomAdams, AlbertoR

Regrets: @@@

Scribe: EricP
Scribe next time: AlbertoR

Minutes from RDF DAWG telcon 2004-08-17
ammended per
ACCEPTED as the record of our previous meeting.

Five actions were continued from last meeting without discussion:


2. Review "Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition"

ACTION EricP: read and let DAWG
know what, if any, dependencies there are/should be.

ACTION SteveH: read and let DAWG
know what, if any, dependencies there are/should be.

EricP, SteveH, and Yoshio agreed that this topic was not as relevent to
RDF as the name implied. The spec is more analogous to HTML forms (but
for speach). The spec does reference EMMA which notes that there is no
RDF query language.

No further action -- no DAWG member was left responsible for tracking
this spec.

3. SOURCE, "provenance"/data-management

ACTION DanC: explain evolution of log:semantics/log:includes from
uri-is-graph to uri-is-doc in cwm, to inform discussion of SOURCE.

ACTION DaveB: explain the main uses seen for redland contexts with
respect to the provenance. CONTINUES.

ACTION DaveB: propose an way to address the SOURCE issue.

ACTION SimonR: write about the "returning bnodes from a query" issue.

  constrain vs. merely select
  bnodes SOURCES (identified or constrained by description rather than URI)
  SOURCE of inferred triples
  using OWL to assert provenance
  cwm outputs formumae (for proofs)

ACTION: DaveB to repropose source in both results and restrictions.

ACTION: AndyS to (try to) compose a test case on inferred triples

8 [following Zakim numbering]. BP review of UC&R

TomA expects more discussion this week.

RDF Data Access, XQuery, rules Dan Connolly (Monday, 16 August)

5. XQuery integration requirements/objective

ACTION SimonR: write a document discussing tradeoffs with adapting
XQuery as an RDF query language for discussion thru the September
meeting in Bristol. CONTINUES.

TomA hopes for attention from David Wood. No action.

6. WG meeting schedule

ACTION EricP: find out the schedule of the 2005 W3C tech plenary and
inform the WG so that we can plan ftf meetings after September.

I found the date and put it on the WG homepage:
 28 February - 4 March 2005

Shall we have a ftf in Jan? Who would like to host?

RobS offers to host. Some note that later in month is better.
Discussion continues in email.

note also:
 reconsidering teleconference time Dan Connolly (Monday, 16 August)

Discussion continues in email.

Fill out !!!

ACTION: AndyS to show xmlopen slides to DAWG one or two days in advance.

7. Use Cases & Requirements done?

withdraw these? are folks still on holiday?

ACTION: JimH, to work with Bijan to do some sort of UDDI/Web services use 

ACTION: RobS write email to Farrukh about traversing a taxonomy. CONTINUES

ACTION SimonR: continue discussing and promoting union query for UC4.5.

ACTION: RobS to write response to Simon's union query.

ACTION Simon+Kendall elaborate the rel. of rules and "construct" in the UC&R

ACTION RobS: re-play comments on 2.12 Browsing Patient Records for the WG

ACTION: RobS write email to Farrukh about traversing a taxonomy.

Kendall accepts some (untracked) UC&R updates.

Meeting closed: 15:35 UTC.

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