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On Sun, Jun 27, 2004 at 01:40:14PM -0700, Howard Katz wrote:
> I've finished my XSRQL proposal, which can be found at
> You'll notice I've shortened the acronym
> slightly: XSRQL stands for XQuery-style RDF Query Language. I hope this
> latest addition to the query-language canon isn't considered overly XS-ive
> (groan).
> I'm slightly embarrassed; I've gone totally overboard on this. (If you
> encounter graffiti in public lavatories reading, "Stop me before I write
> again!", it was probably me.) In any event, those who don't have the time or
> the desire to plow through the proposal in its entirety can probably get a
> fairly quick idea of what the language is about by reading the introduction
> [1] and then skipping to the section on the path language [2] . You might
> also find the Examples section [3], which looks at several examples of code
> in both RDQL and XSRQL, of interest. Once you've recovered from that, you
> can go back and read the rest at your leisure.
> I'd be honoured if somebody would volunteer to pick this up for evaluation
> before the agenda deadline (July 7?). I'm around through this coming Tuesday
> evening, so if anybody has any questions, either get a hold of me before
> then or after I'm back from vacation on the 6th.

To make the bootstrapping process a bit shorter, could you contrast
this approach with XQuery with Functional Accessors [4] and
TreeHugger [5]? I'm looking for short, broad statements like
where XQueryFA gets to the graph via functions, XSRQL uses syntactic
XPath extensions, or XSRQL favors the letter 'e' less than TreeHugger.

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]



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