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A brief follow-up on comment #1 of this message:
(excerpted below).

> 1. Please either add capability for virtual graphs or keep the COPY, ADD
> and MOVE shortcuts, to enable standard SPARQL to be used more
> efficiently as a rules language and in data production pipelines.  COPY,
> ADD and MOVE operations cost almost nothing to implement, and they help
> with efficiency.  By "virtual graph" I mean a graph that consists of the
> merge of a particular set of named graphs -- a very important capability
> for efficient data production pipelines.

I have also found that I rely on these graph operations in developing
SPARQL update scripts, as they allow me to conveniently perform
inserts/deletions on a temporary graph, and then ADD, COPY or MOVE that
temporary graph to the production graph.  The pattern looks like this:

  CREATE GRAPH tempGraph:

  INSERT { GRAPH tempGraph: {
    ...  # Lots of complex SPARQL
  } } ;

  # ADD GRAPH tempGraph: to productionGraph:
  DROP GRAPH tempGraph:

The ADD operation allows me to very easily put this into production by
merely uncommenting that single line.  Again, I think these graph
operations are worth keeping in the spec.


David Booth, Ph.D.

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