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Hi Robby,

All keywords in SPARQL are case-insensitive, except for "a". See :

Keywords are matched in a case-insensitive manner with the exception of 
the keyword 'a' which, in line with Turtle and N3, is used in place of 
the IRI rdf:type (in full,


On 6/28/2010 6:01 PM, Robby Nevels wrote:
> Hello.
> I think I've spotted an error on the "SPARQL Query Language for RDF"
> page. There are several query examples where "regex" is not capitalized
> (Example: Section 3.1). However, in the EBNF section at the bottom of
> the page, only "REGEX" is defined to be an acceptable keyword, not
> "regex." Also, none of the other keywords are defined as being "not case
> sensitive."
> The same issue holds for "DESC" and "ASC.."
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