Re: wrong example in the Fed.Ext. document

Hey Eric,

On Saturday 05 June 2010 10:53:43 you wrote:
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> Does
>   <x> dcterms:subject <p> ; void:sparqEndpoint <s> .
> imply that the the query should look for a named graph à la
>   SELECT ?y WHERE { GRAPH <x> { ?s <p> ?y } }
> ?

Not at all. A linked dataset (i.e. void:Dataset) is not a named graph. What 
you would expect to retrieve when you look up the URI identifying a linked 
dataset is a void description of the dataset (i.e. metadata about the dataset) 
- at least, that's what is being considered as best practice.

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> V1.11 of
> should address this fixes. tx kindly!



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