Re: minor technical on 10.1 Solution sequences and result forms [OK?]

Fred Zemke wrote:
> 10.1 Solution sequences and result forms
> It says that projection is always performed before ordering.
> This means that it is not possible to obtain a sequence of results
> that is ordered by some variable that is projected away.  It would
> be preferable to perform ordering before projecting.  My prefered
> order of modifiers would be: ORDER BY, project, DISTINCT, LIMIT, OFFSET.
> Fred


I've corrected 10.1 : it now says:

1. ORDER BY: put the solutions in order
2. Projection
3. DISTINCT: ensure solutions in the sequence are unique.
4. LIMIT: restrict the number of solutions processed for query results
5. OFFSET: control where the solutions processed start from in the overall 
sequence of solutions.

Please let us know if this responds to your comment,


Received on Tuesday, 21 March 2006 10:20:25 UTC