Re: [OK?] Re: SPARQL: Error handling

* Dan Connolly wrote:
>The SPARQL QL spec only defines conformance of strings to the language,
>and defines the answers to queries.
>If you have a command-line tool, that's a concrete instantiation
>of the SPARQL protocol.

I looked at the conformance section for "SPARQL Protocol service" but
that requires implementation of HTTP/SOAP bindings. As I understand the
command line tool scenario, this would be independent of HTTP/SOAP, so
the tool might not actually implement the HTTP/SOAP bindings so the
conformance requirements might not actually apply to it. Perhaps there
should be a general purpose conformance definitions for any tool that
implements the abstract SPARQL protocol and a more concrete level for
services that implement HTTP/SOAP bindings, etc.? If the general purpose
definition then gives such a simple command line tool as example for
what implementations to conformance criteria apply, and along with

>> I couldn't really find one, there are some suggestions that this
>> situation should yield in a MalformedQuery or QueryRequestRefused
>> fault, but this doesn't seem so well-connected to me at the moment.
>Exactly: the protocol prohibits returning
>results in the case of a syntax error in the query:
>When a SPARQL query string is not a legal sequence of characters in the
>language defined by the SPARQL grammar, this fault message should be
>returned. An HTTP 2xx status code must not be returned.
> --
>Hmm... perhaps the mention of HTTP 2xx is a bit of the HTTP concrete
>binding slipping in where we should be speaking of the abstract
>Kendall, how about making that
>  ... a query Out Message message must not be returned.

this change, then I think error handling would be defined to my
satisfaction :-)
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