Questions on the Sparql

Hy all

I'm implementing the Sparql ad I have one questions/sugestions:

    At the grammar is possible to find:

    %[67] QNAME_NS ::= NCNAME_PREFIX? ':'
    %[68] QNAME    ::= NCNAME_PREFIX? ':' NCNAME?

    That are just used by

    %[4]  PrefixDecl ::= 'PREFIX' QNAME_NS Q_IRI_REF
    %[64] QName      ::= QNAME | QNAME_NS

    Can't we have?

    %[68] QNAME    ::= NCNAME_PREFIX? ':' NCNAME

    Certifying that something accepted by QNAME will not be accepted by QNAME_NS

    or remove the rules 67 and 68 and change the rules 4 and 64 to

    %[4]  PrefixDecl ::= 'PREFIX' NCNAME_PREFIX? ':' Q_IRI_REF
    %[64] QName      ::= NCNAME_PREFIX? ':' NCNAME?

In the Grammar is not possible to find the WS. But is possible to find
a unclear rule for this. Can I sugest to have a grammar having the
White Spaces. Probably I can have one in 1 or 2 days for the version
of 23 November 2005 and after that mantain a version with them.

Marcos Rebelo

Received on Friday, 20 January 2006 08:57:29 UTC