Use Case for DESCRIBE


The following looks like a use case for DESCRIBE. If it is then my  
vote is in favor of making DESCRIBE part of the basic SPARQL standard:
- In an RDF editor I'm currently implementing, there is a view that  
shows all the resources in an RDF graph.
- Per resource, it lists the types of the resource, the rdfs:label  
and the "tags" (which are similar types, but with the tag pointing to  
the tagged entity and not the other way around).
- The problem is that the data returned is NFNF. Accordingly,  
implementing this using any of the table-based result mechanisms  
(that I am aware of) is very clumsy. Ordering can help, but  
needlessly decreases performance and there still has to be some kind  
of grouping afterwards. Furthermore, users will want to sort the  
result in the view by rdfs:label.



Axel Rauschmayer

Received on Sunday, 15 January 2006 05:07:35 UTC