Re: Traversing trees with sparql?

On 10/26/05, Richard Newman <> wrote:

> If SPARQL supported transitive properties, it would be fairly
> straightforward to dump the tree structure with one query*, then cut
> it down on the client and issue one big DESCRIBE query with all of
> the desired nodes.

> * e.g. SELECT ?x ?y WHERE { ?x dmoz:narrow ?y . } WITH TRANSITIVE
> ( dmoz:narrow )

I assume you're describing a Lisp style of recursion  (I'm loath to
say that in ignorance, but that Lisp book I ordered hasn't yet arrived
;-). If that's near enough, what I don't really get is how 1. the
transitivity is an especially useful special case of the rules; 2. how
you deal with the closure thing, i.e. how do you do the bounds on such
an operator?



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