Re: Traversing trees with sparql?

On 10/26/05, Jones, David H <> wrote:

> I would like to be able to select a branch of a tree structure (similar
> to the DMOZ directory tree, where the tree is formed by traversing the
> dmoz:narrow property).  Can this be done in sparql? If so can someone
> provide an example.

I'd suggest this maybe prompts a side task for the WG. The choice was
made to follow a statement-oriented approach to querying rather than a
path-oriented approach (a la Versa etc.) . I've no idea what use cases
were put forward in justification of the latter approach, but
(assuming there are some in the archives)  it would be helpful to
consider (and document) how they may be implemented when using SPARQL
as it stands. (I don't know - is there any kind of algorithm that
might improve on GET-results/translate-re-GET?)



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