Re: need extar information in SPARQL wrote:
> Hi everyone, 
>       I am working in something that uses SPARQL, neverminde, so I read the 
> SPARQL draft amd there are some points that I hope someone explain them to me. 
>   I want to know how to construct the database because it is not clear as it 
> contains default and named graphes? Do you have one database or many? when we 
> have different databases, do I construct the merge? when we have different FROM 
> and FROM NAMED we project the query in the merge of the databases or in each 
> one at a time. How we construct the default and the named graphes and how we 
> store them? 

The current SPARQL query language specification does not include any 
fucntionality for loading RDF data into a persistent store.  You will need to 
consult the documentation for the implementation you are using for how to do 
that.  Many toolkits provide ways to load RDF data without needing to 
understand the details of the persistent storage.

FROM and FROM NAMED describe the RDF dataset to be queried but don't enforce a 
a fixed mechanism for creating or loading the graphs.


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