Re: SPARQL: Error handling

* Dan Connolly wrote:
>> seems
>> to be quite unclear about error handling. There is some discussion
>> about handling type errors in 11.2 but that refers to XQuery for
>> the definition of type errors and otherwise just says when they
>> occur, not what implementations must do when they encounter them.
>> For syntax errors (i.e., queries that do not match the production
>> rules) no error handling seems to be defined either.
>Strings that do not match the production rules are not part
>of the SPARQL query language; why would you expect the specification
>to say anything about them?

I expect the specification to define conformance requirements for
implementations and SPARQL implementations will have to deal with
illegal input. This is not uncommon in fact, XML 1.0 for example
defines this in detail. I am not sure why it would be useful to
allow SPARQL implementations to handle illegal input in different
ways but if that is intended, it should be very clear from the
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