SPARQL: Another dditorial comment on SPARQL Last Call WD

Some hair splitting again on the editorial side.

In 2.8, RDF Collection, it simply says that (1 ?x 3) is an alternative for

_:b0  rdf:first  1 .
_:b0  rdf:rest   _:b1 .
_:b1  rdf:first  ?x .
_:b1  rdf:rest   _:b2 .
_:b2  rdf:first  3 .
_:b2  rdf:rest   rdf:nil .

It may be worth adding (or reformulating the text) that a triple pattern:

:a :b (1 ?x 3).

is then *replaced* by the triple:

:a :b _:b0.

where _:b0 is the one above (ie, the (1 ?x 3) is not mechanically replaced by
the stuff above, it would be syntactically incorrect because it would lead to a
duplicated full stop...).

It may be obvious but I think it is worth making it clear.



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