RDF Concepts - Definition of "Generalized RDF"

Regarding section 7

It does not look like my comments about Generalized RDF were addressed:
I think the most appropriate place for the definition of "generalized
RDF" would be in the RDF Semantics document, for two reasons: (a) that's
where the notion is actually used (to simplify entailment rules); and
(b) that would give it less prominence and hence reduce the likelihood
that someone would think it is a form of standard RDF.

Also, I still think it needs a stronger warning that generalized RDF is 

Also, in Section 7 "A generalized RDF graph is an RDF graph" should be 
"A generalized RDF graph is a graph", because the whole point is that a 
*generalized* RDF graph is *not* necessarily a conforming RDF graph.


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