Re: Use of XSD namespace in RDF recommendations

Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> On 5 Sep 2012, at 14:21, Antoine Zimmermann wrote:
>> Note: the Web Ontology Language [OWL2] offers facilities 
>> for defining custom datatypes and can be serialised as an 
>> RDF graph. This makes possible to embed datatype 
>> definitions in an RDF document. However, processing 
>> custom datatypes defined this way requires an OWL 2 
>> engine. For more details, see Section 9.4 of [OWL2]. 
> Thanks, not too bad! Here's a slight rewording, does this still sound ok?
> [[ Note: The Web Ontology Language [OWL2] offers 
> [facilities for formally defining custom 
> datatypes]( 
> that can be used with RDF. However, RDF implementations 
> are not required to support these facilities. ]]

I notice neither wording links to 'XML Schema Datatypes in 
RDF and OWL' <>. 
Is that because this document is now considered obsolete?

It seems to me that the SWBP note and the OWL2 datatype 
definition facilities address different somewhat problems, 
so linking to both would be useful.  If you want to use 
a third-party XML Schema type and don't want to duplicate 
the definition yourself in OWL2, the techniques in the SWBP 
note are relevant.  Similarly if you want to define a type 
that's usable in both XML Schema and RDF and don't want to 
maintain two copies of the declaration.

(I dare say at some point someone will write a GRDDL 
transformation for extracting OWL2 datatype declarations 
from XML Schema, and link that from the XML Schema namespace 
document [i.e. the XML Schema for XML Schema], much as the 
GRDDL transformation for extracting RDFa from XHTML has been 
linked from XHTML namespace document.  That would 
automatically make OWL2 type definitions available for any 
simpleType in any XML Schema, and seems to fit quite nicely 
with how things are done elsewhere.)


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