Minutes of 2011-03-01 telecon


The minutes of today's meeting are now available for review at [1].  
Boris, thanks a lot for scribing!
We focused on the DM today and made very good progress IMO. If we  
focus on R2RML next week, it should be possible to hit the 15 Mar 2011  
for publication of the new WD. Issues progress as per today's call:

1. ISSUE-14 Many-to-Many tables
RESOLUTION: Many-to-Many table in direct mapping is still an open  
issue. Publish the Direct Mapping WD with this open issue and get  

--> this means, the issue does not block publication

2. ISSUE-9 Generate Blank Nodes for duplicate tuples

--> depending on Ted's ACTION-102 this will be either resolved next  
time or postponed.

3. ISSUE-10 Hash vs Slash

RESOLUTION: row identifiers should be base_uri/table/attribute=value  
without # or #_ at the end

--> Juan has ACTION-104 to implement it in DM document and close the  
ISSUE-10 after it.

[1] http://www.w3.org/2011/03/01-rdb2rdf-minutes.html
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