Re: ACTION-141 - Create a SQL/XSD data dataype mapping


Thanks for that.

Is xsd:date for TIME a typo?

How exactly should I read the “or”/“and” in the XSD column?

For things like boolean and dates and times and durations, how exactly is the syntactic correspondence for the values? I mean, a normal SQL datetime literal isn't in the right lexical form for an XSD datetime literal. (I think there's a section in Part 14 about that, something about "data values"?)


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> Regarding ACTION-141: Create a SQL/XSD data dataype mapping I've created a page in the Wiki [1] with the mappings defined in the SQL spec. This is mostly for built-in datatypes and does not consider "constructed" and "user-defined" types.  Should the WG also provide a mapping for these types (I'm thinking mostly of constructed types) or only for built-in datatypes?
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