More edits on the R2RML spec, incl. ISSUE-47

I've spent the day on R2RML and knocked a few actions and issues off the to-do list.

> Implement ISSUE-34 resolution: drop rr:tableOwner, and instead state that rr:tableName MAY be qualified to include a schema name and a catalog name

Done, see

> Implement ISSUE-45 resolution by replacing literals for rr:termTypes with three new IRIs rr:IRI, rr:BlankNode, and rr:Literal

Done, see and elsewhere

> Implement ISSUE-47 resolution as proposed in and and mark PENDINGREVIEW

Done, mostly by adding a new subsection on data errors:


- improved the Vocabulary Summary section (ISSUE-53)

- moved (with Boris' help) the extended example to the Test Cases (ISSUE-52)

- gave up on ISSUE-49 (defining SQL terminology in R2RML) -- I defined one more non-obvious term in the spec, and that will have to do, so I'm now in favour of POSTPONE on this one


Received on Friday, 22 July 2011 18:45:07 UTC