Re: ISSUE-48 (sql-datatypes): Mapping SQL datatypes to RDF

On 7/7/11 7:37 PM, Richard Cyganiak wrote:
> Hi Kingsley,
> On 7 Jul 2011, at 13:43, Kingsley Idehen wrote:
>> If you want, you can present SQL type mappings to XSD from one of the following:
>> 1. ANSI SQL
>> 2. ODBC
>> 3. JDBC.
> Can you share some experience regarding their relative importance for our work? Which of them reflects most closely what you see in the common RDBMS implementations?
> Best,
> Richard

ODBC is the best basis for a collection SQL Types since all ODBC Drivers 
(provided by 3rd parties or RDBMS vendors) map to these from RDBMS 
specific types. Thus, if you need a collection of types for mapping to 
XSD you can grabs those used by ODBC.

ODBC and JDBC are basically the standard SQL call level interfaces to 
all RDBMS engines. Their mappings [1] to ANSI SQL are also very clean.


1. -- 



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