Raising issues/actions for Souri's comments

Hi Souri,

> translation scheme (we need a simpler scheme for mapping: <DB value(s), RDF term>)

Ok, I've seen you've made ISSUE-66:

So, ISSUE-61 should be considered as having a dependency on ISSUE-66.

I guess there's an action on you to come up with a proposal. Note that there's some rationale for the current design in this message:

> ISSUE-57 refinement of the note regarding the alternate proposal

ISSUE-57 is still open, so there's an action on you to propose new wording.

> correcting Sec 2.6 example,

I just read 2.6 again, and couldn't find a problem, so need more info, either via mail or via a new issue.

> graphMap association with POMap

I guess the idea is to associate graph maps with p-o maps instead of (or in addition to) object maps? This needs discussion. Could you raise an issue and state the rationale?


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