Re: Please review: syntactic sugar and polishing (ISSUE-54, ISSUE-56, ISSUE-59, ISSUE-60)

> One option here is to forbid the long form with rr:constant.

I think I like that approach (although I haven't checked to confirm that we
can do that).

> The change was to make rr:IRI also the default for template-valued object
> maps. So we get:
>  rr:Literal is default type for object maps that are not template-valued
>  rr:IRI is default type for everything else
> which is the same as what I said above.

Thanks for the explanation.

The motivating use case is many-to-many tables, which AFAICT typically will
> be modelled as a separate triples map with just a single p-o map.

Ok, I think that makes sense.


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