Re: Non-Turtle mapping documents (ISSUE-57)

On 10 Aug 2011, at 21:00, Souripriya Das wrote:
> The benefit of Independence or modular organization is that it allows combining things

I do understand this advantage. But the advantage of increased interoperability that is brought by a standard syntax clearly outweighs the advantage of modularity, in my opinion.

> However, if an implementation can consume only N-Triple, an R2RML mapping specified in Turtle may first have to be translated (using say Raptor [1]) into N-Triples format. So it appears that such an implementation would then be considered non-conformant because it does not directly consume R2RML mapping(s) presented in Turtle format.


> But, for all practical purposes, this implementation is perfectly usable with R2RML vocabulary.

No it isn't. An implementation that only understands N-Triples cannot consume an R2RML example that is written in a book. It cannot consume an R2RML file that is emitted by a visual R2RML editor. I do not see why such an implementation should be allowed to claim compatibility with that book or that visual mapping editor.

You can bundle it with Raptor to make it conforming.


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