PROPOSAL for Direct Mapping predicate IRI design for foreign-key

The same sequence of columns in a child table may be used for multiple 
foreign keys:
For example:
      create table t12 (x int, y int, val number
           , foreign key(x,y) references t1(a,b)
           , foreign key(x,y) references t2(c,d));

Current syntax is based solely on the sequence of columns in the child 
Example: <People#deptName,deptCity>

This IRI syntax for the predicate is therefore not sufficient. It needs 
to also include the target table and corr. column sequence in the target 

PROPOSAL: Enhance syntax to include the parent table name and 
corresponding column sequence in the parent table
Example: <People,Department#deptName,name;deptCity,city>

- Souri.

Received on Tuesday, 9 August 2011 15:56:34 UTC